Heifer & Bull Development & Conditioning

We've all had instances when it becomes necessary to grow replacement heifers and forage is scare, or after picking up bulls from breeding, they need to replenish burned calories; EBP is here to assist. Parking cattle in our facility provides an opportunity to closely evaluate your herd and make any necessary tweaks, improvements, or culls. The next time your cattle need some extra groceries, give us a call and see what we can do.

Custom Feeding

Elite Beef Producers Inc. provides feeding services for all phases of raising quality cattle. Even if you're not fattening calves for harvest, we can provide the extra calories your herd needs at times when the weather isn't cooperating & native forage is scarce. Taking advantage of our mild year-round climate & access to many quality commodities, we offer rations that are nutrient rich with the bottom line in mind.

EBP offers 4 rations that are sure to meet the needs of your herd no matter what phase of production they're in:

Growing Ration
Intermediate Ration
Finishing Ration
Outside Cow ration

EBP can provide financing for feed or pay as you go.

Cattle Marketing

Focusing on raising natural cattle, we have relationships with major packers to help you get the most money for your naturally raised calves. EBP manages a supply chain for several natural programs for which your cattle could potentially qualify. We're happy to provide consultation on your options and walk you through step by step.

While not our primary focus, we also have relationships with commercial packers ensuring there's a spot ready for all market ready cattle.

Bull Testing & Ultrasound

Many of our customers are serious about genetics, and rightly so. There is no quicker way to improve the bottom line than to introduce proven genetics into your breeding program. EBP is equipped to help you in the selection process of "potential" breeding stock. Starting with a gain test to decide which animals gain more on less feed, we then couple that information with an DNA score, these two pieces of information provide a wealth of knowledge when selecting the top performers in your herd. Ensuring your money spent on herd improvement is fact based and efficient.